I’m back on my PC so have been working on the low-poly chess set and am able to do some proper renders. Playing around with the scenes and lighting took some time, but I think the overall effect is good. The clock is just a box with a flat face with 2 textures applied (clock faces and wooden body). I added some basic wall lights for effect and 2 ambient lights coloured orange and blue.

The numbers

I kept the number of tris down to under 400 tris per piece as was my target, I had to simplify the king the most, dissolving edges to bring the tris down from over 600 to 394. I am happy with the outcome of the set, and it fulfils the brief I set myself in terms of tris used. Total tris: 10,328


I’ve learnt a lot with this project. Workflow, polygon counts and scenes mostly. Individual objects take a lot longer to create than I first thought, and knowing all the techniques required to make a simple low-poly chess set is surprisingly extensive. Knowing and combining these techniques takes practice to get right, but also knowing that there are multiple ways of completing the same task is vital to stay focused. Every mistake / use of undo is another lesson learned and one step closer to the final finished scene.

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