The games development has been on hold for 3 weeks.

I have completed a project in a school integrating a software deployment tool called Munki, which deploys software to Apple computers. The role required problem solving skills.

Munki allows large scale distribution of software for Apple computers

The role I had involved working alone and also with the network manager. I had to manage client-side configurations of each of the Apple Mac’s, ensuring that each client was able to see the server, access required software, download & install it as planned.

Managing the server-side deployment and set up was another part of the job, ensuring that the integration of Profile Manager and Munki allowed a combination of standard and custom software packages and did not create conflicts.

Part of the installation required scripts to tweak the software so that config files or the software itself would allow for custom settings to be configured post-install. Some of these scripts install additional software or move/create files, such as a custom background image (which is then set via Profile Manager).

OneNote was used to document my steps, testing, and share a user guide

Finally, all my work was documented and user guides were provided to allow the IT department to continue working with the tools I had implemented and ensure that the installed packages could be maintained once I finished.

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