I’m working through the Unity tutorials, making a few other clones of classic 2d games.

It’s had me thinking about programming and how I enjoy the process of trying to get something working, and the buzz that comes from testing the code time and time again. It’s the same buzz that I’ve seen students get in my lessons when something goes right. That’s what I’m now chasing with this change of career.

My main programming language used in the last few years has been Python. I’d done a bit of C++ at Uni back in the day, it’s all coming back to me and the logic is pretty standard anyway. Linking the code with objects in Unity is starting to make more sense and becoming much more natural to do.

As a side note, Visual Studio is and amazing piece of software and a joy to work with compared to the old version I used during my Uni days, no more having to format your code as it does a lot of it for you. This makes for a speedy coding experience and a much more readable code.

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