It’s been a while since I’ve used Unity. There has been many updates and many new tutorials. I started by looking into the tutorials that I had bought a while back through Udemy. This course was the first tutorial that I used. It’s made by the company GameDev TV I’ve got a few of these videos on Udemy and like their teaching style – there is a heck of a lot of content for the price and I would recommend these if you’re looking to get started with Unity, Unreal or any programming for that matter. Get them when they are on offer and the pennies you hand over will be well worth it.

“Laser Defender” – A classic 2d space shooter

I started following some of the basic tutorials, and eventually got to the point where you make a recognisable game – a 2d space shooter with waves of enemies. Creating the waves, and understanding the hierarchical structure of the players & enemies was the most interesting part of this project. It brought back all sorts of logical thinking which I’ve missed.

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