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about me

I'm an ex-secondary school teacher changing career to give the games industry a go. I'm based in Leicester, which seems to have zero games companies.

I come from a rugby playing background as well as running teams in each school I've worked at. Rugby has the following 5 "core values":

These fit with my working ethos when it comes to games development. Teamwork is vital in any work environment. Respecting colleagues of all levels and their relative skills and contributions. Enjoying what you do increases productivity, simply as that. Discipline is all about following the rules of the game, being honest and truthful about work and giving credit where credit is due. Sportsmanship may seem like a tricky one to link, but it's all about working together, recognising good work (yours and others), appreciating decent work and processes (even rivals' work).

Another lesson from my rugby playing days is "don't tell someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself" and so with this in mind I have created all the graphics and website myself. In each of my games I try to create my own assets as using the I believe that being a well-rounded and skilled in many areas allows me to work with others' and understand workflow.

my work

Click here to see my work. My ethos is that I'd prefer to use my own work than to use someone else's resources, as other people's generic resources aren't going to be exactly what I want.

This is why I have created the website myself, the code for my games (excluding some of the core content found through tutorials), the assets including sounds, animations, sprites, textures, materials, meshes, icons, GUIs and menus.


My blog charts my journey from teaching to the big competitive world of games development. Find it here.


If you would like to get in touch, please contact me on hello@peachgames.co.uk
Thanks for reading this far, take it easy.